2019 Mobile Tours

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10:00am – 12:00pm

1. Med Tech/Innovation Boulevard (Economic Development)

The Lark Group builds buildings but that’s not where it stops. The burgeoning Med-Tech Sector in Surrey is located across the street from Surrey Memorial Hospital. At this point, Lark Group has two high-rises with a third on the way. To fill up those buildings, Rowena Rizzotti, VP of Healthcare & Innovation, and  Associate VP Olivia Chang have been recruiting new and exciting businesses/start-ups  to the area. They will lead a tour of the facility, introduce you to some of the work being done by a variety of businesses and provide information on their outreach to the community.

2. Phoenix Centre Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (Advocacy)

Dr. Michael Wilson and Dr. Ann Wilson started the Phoenix Society many years ago. They recently retired but their vision continues to thrive.  They offer a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation program that has people from around the world stopping to visit. Their program includes counselling, skill development and a multi-step living program that includes supportive living, low-cost rent and eventually home ownership. A big part of the program is having the people who are undergoing treatment give back to the community through volunteerism. They have been part of the DSBIA’s Movies Under the Stars for over eight years. One year, it was noted that the number of volunteers had decreased and the reason was over 92% of the residents had a job and were not available. Come and learn more about this successful program.


3. City Hall (Public Safety) tentative

Surrey City Hall opened in its new location in 2013. You will have a tour of the facility conducted by the Public Safety Department. In addition to seeing the architectural design and the public art, they will show you the traffic operations. They will also talk about a number of initiatives: Project Iris, Vision Zero and Home Safe. The Public Safety Initiative was presented in October 2016 and rolled out to the public in early 2017. They will discuss the community engagement process of how it was formulated and introduced to the public.

1:00pm - 4:00pm

1. Boulevard Shelter & Temporary Accommodations  (Advocacy)

Like most Cities and Towns, Surrey has experienced an increase in people who are homeless. Given the proliferation of social services in one area, people were drawn to what became known as “The Strip”. In June 2018, 160 people that were living in tents on the strip were provided with temporary accommodations. The accommodations were erected on development sites owned by local developers and leased by the City for a two and a half year period. This tour will provide you with an opportunity to visit not only to see the temporary accommodations as well as a Winter Shelter that turned into a 24/7 Shelter but also speak with a representative of the service provider and  a City Staff member who can provide updates on the project.

2. Newton Walking Tour (Placemaking & Public Space/Safety)

Newton has had a bad reputation regarding safety issues but the Newton BIA has been working hard to change that perception through placemaking, area enhancement and safety initiatives. Part of this work has included working with local residents, groups, and service providers. Philip Aguirre, the Newton BIA Executive Director will lead the tour and provide details on what has worked (and what hasn’t) and plans for the future.

3. Cloverdale Historical Walking Tour (Planning)

Visit the location where Surrey began – Cloverdale one of Surrey’s six Town Centres. You will see the newly expanded Museum of Surrey, Surrey Heritage Rail, BC Vintage Truck Museum and a variety of other places. A highlight will be the new project of the Cloverdale BIA which is the beautification of a City-owned parking lot that will double as special event space.



10:00am - 12:00pm

1. Whalley Walking Tour (Planning) 

What were once blueberry farms, strawberry farms and a peat farm is now a burgeoning Downtown core. The Senior Community planner from the City of Surrey and a member of the heritage Commission will take you on a walking tour and explain what was there and what is there providing background on the development of the City Centre Plan and how it has transformed the area within a short time period.

2. Little India Tour

3. Surrey FAM Tour (Economic Development)

For the last 9 years, the DSBIA has been hosting annual FAM (familiarization) Tours for UDI, NAIOP, media, realtors, investors/businesses as a way to create interest in the newly-developing Downtown core. Come along to experience the FAM Tour lead by CEO Elizabeth Model  while at the time learning marketing tips to promote your area.

1:00pm - 4:00pm

1. Fleetwood BIA (Placemaking & Public Space) tentative

2. Library + New SFU Building (Economic Development)

Universities and Libraries can add a lot to a Downtown. Surrey has two universities. You will visit the brand new SFU Engineering and Environmental Building and the City Centre Library both designed by world-renown architect, the late Bing Thom. The tour will be lead by Michael Heeney who was involved with the design of both buildings and is currently the CEO of SCDC (Surrey City Development Corp). Representatives of SFU and the Library will be on hand to discuss programming.

3. City Hall - Special Events (Marketing, Communications + Events)

The City of Surrey has won awards for a number of their large events including a win in Los Angeles in January 2018 for Fusion Fest. Mary Rukavina will discuss the importance of sponsorship and how to attract sponsors for multi-year or multi-event commitments and how the City collaborates on events with community and business groups. Yalda Asadian will discuss the use of public space – in particular the plaza at City Hall – for large and small events and how she works with community groups throughout Surrey and provides expertise and small grants to assist with grants. Bonnie Burnside will discuss BIA organized events and placemaking within Downtown Surrey.

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