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Keynote Speakers

Monday Opening Keynote: Space Innovation

Emily Salsbury-Deveaux

Join Emily as she talks about the retail shift and how to create engaging spaces/streets moving forward. She will talk about different companies that are innovating in the sector and some of their success stories. 


Emily Salsbury-Deveaux is an Award Winning Retail Strategist and President of EMMYDEVEAUX Industries Corp. She has been working alongside retailers, real estate and shopping centres for over 18 years.

She is also a business owner with her clothing store at West Edmonton Mall and a franchise owner with UPS Store and Wetzel Pretzel.

She is passionate about customer experience and capitalizing on business through her use of market research, strategy and best practice.

She has recently spent the past 5 years growing the School of Retailing at the University of Alberta where she implemented a student consulting company that is now the largest in North America. She also started RETAILWEEK which is now the largest event in Canada focused on careers in retailing & real estate. In 2018, there will be events in 6 different cities. This March, Emily will host the first ever Retail Conference at the largest mall in North America, West Edmonton Mall. 

Emily has built a reputation for her ability to grow business and to innovate the industry.

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